A FILIPINA DOPPLE DANGER OF BAE SUZY??? Find out here the celebrity look alike of Gigi De Lana!

Is this for real??!

Gigi De Lana, 24 years old is one of the beautiful faces in the Philippines. Not only that she is beautiful; she is also making a name as a singer-songwriter. She was first first seen as a contestant of “Tawag ng Tanghalan” in Its Showtime and also one of the casts of the 2020 Movie; Four Sisters Before Wedding wherein she played the character of Love Mae.

Comes 2021, she serenades her audience with her soothing voice. Among her solo playlist is the “Don’t Stop Me Now; I’m not the only one, I’ll be Over you and Bang-bang.

Meanwhile, Gigi De Lana’s real name is Mary Gidget Orfano Dela Llana. She was born on September 25, 1995.

Surprisingly, a lot of Netizens admires her angelic face and uncanny resemblance to beautiful Kpop and Filipina Actresses:

Below are her doppelgangers:

1. Bae Suzy & Gigi De Lana

Bae Suzy (on the left) born on October 10,1994, is a South Korean Singer,Actress and Model. She starred in Korea’s most watched KDramas like Start-Up as Dalmi, Vagabond as Go Hae Ri/Elsa, While you were Sleeping as Nam Hong ju.

Some fans says she looks like Dalmi (Bae Suzy) in Start-Up.

2. Miss Hammurabi (Lee Elija) and Gigi De Lana

If you happen to watched the 2018 South Korean Television Series “Miss Hammurabi”, Lee Elija, looks exactly like the Philippine Gigi De Lana. Miss Hamurabi is a courtroom drama that tells a story of judges and the disputes they have to overcome. Lee Elija was given the role of a Court Stenographer.

3. Angel Aquino & Gigi De Lana

Angel Aquino born on February 7,1973 is a Filipino Film and television actress. Her latest steamy movie entitled “Glorious” with Tony Labrusca tells a story of a younger man who fell in love to an older and unhappily married woman Gloria (Angel Aquino). In addition, the movie ” Glorious” had several controversial love scenes.

4. Alice Dixson

Some Netizens are also citing Alice Dixson as her lookalike.

Alice Dixson, turned 51 years old on July 28,1969. She is a Filipino- American Actress, commercial model and formerly the Miss International 1986 (top 15). Source: Wikipedia

Among her famous movies are the following:

  • When The Love is Gone
  • Nuuk
  • Nagbabagang Luha
  • The Ghost Bride
  • Just one Summer

On April 2,2021; the 51 year old actress confirmed yhat she has welcomed her first child through surrogacy.

She posted in her Instagram Stories:

“Despite the unexpected trials this year, God gave us a little miracle…”

“For those of you who really know me – you’ve known that I’ve been praying for this every year on my birthday for 10 years now.

“So with great patience, belief, and trust – I am happy to announce my wish has finally come true…. Our newest little family member has arrived,” she said.

5. Ashley Del Mundo

Born on September 13, 2003. She rose to fame when she joined the reality TV Show “Pinoy Big Brother Otso Batch 3.”

Ashley was introduced as ” The Adventurous Angel of Australia.” At the end of the show, she was hailed as Batch 3’s Batch Winner.

Currently, she is playing the role of Khloe Gomez in the 2021 hit television series “He’s into Her.”

6. Lorraine May Concepcion or most commonly known as “Yam Concepcion”

The Filipina Actress Yam Concepcion seemed to have a resemblance to Gigi De Lana. Yam is a Filipina Actress known for her role in various TV Shows like the ” Init sa Magdamag, love Thy Woman, Halik and others.”

What do you think, are they each other’s look alike?